What are the features of a smart lock?

Smart locks are sure to become every homeowner’s favorite. They offer the same level of security as typical mechanical door locks, but provide a range of alternatives to the mechanical key, and a host of other features. Digital locks are changing our lifestyle, leading us to a new digital era of keyless locking!

Authentication methods

In the past, only one authentication method was available for door locks – the mechanical key.

But keys have a habit of getting lost, misplaced, or simply left at home. Digital door locks offer a variety of authentication methods to choose from – suited to your particular need and providing complete peace of mind.

PIN codes

Smart locks using a numerical code for authentication are typically called digital keypad locks. They usually accept combination lengths between 4 and 12 digits, and do not require users to possess any physical key to gain access.

Security tokens

Some keyless locks scan a security token for authentication – usually a proximity card – which is small enough to keep in your wallet.


Biometrics are at the forefront of smart lock technology and offer powerful and unique identification. Biometrics refers to any locking system (mainly door locks) that uses a person’s physical unique characteristic like fingerprint, hand geometry, eye scan or voice to verify their identity for door access. These are the most advanced digital locks, offering an immediate door lock opening solution.

These hi-tech authentication methods are undoubtedly the breakthrough of the century for door locks, offering a whole new level of convenience and security!

Additional Features

Smart locks are not limited like mechanical locks - making impossible features become possible:

Multiple access solutions

Some smart locks allow multiple ways to unlock your door. For example, you can still access your front door with a PIN code even if you forget your proximity card . In the past, you would have had to hire a locksmith to change the entire door lock.

Automatic locking

Most smart door locks automatically lock a door after checking it is properly closed.

Alarm integration

Smart locks offer compatibility with alarm systems to alert for burglary, vandalism and even fire.

Electronic locks are changing the way people see door security. The digital era has begun… are you ready?

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