Shed security

Shed security is often overlooked, but sheds often contain valuable possessions such as bikes, power tools and gardening equipment. They may also contain ladders and tools that, if accessible, could be used by a burglar to break into a home. Standard security door locks such as padlocks and hasps, rim locks or deadbolts, door hinges and alarms can easily be fitted to ensure shed security and secure your home.

Shed Door Hinges

Shed doors are often designed for exterior opening to maximize the storage space in the shed. Because of that design, door hinges are placed outside the door and are most exposed to moisture and physical damage. There are some factors to consider when choosing shed door hinges:


Make sure the door hinge material is rust and corrosion resistant. Brass, stainless steel and chromium are all acceptable materials.


Use door hinges with non-removable pins to prevent thieves from tapping out the hinge pin and gaining access to your shed easily.


Decide whether to use plain or ball bearing door hinges. You can opt for non-bearing hinges if your shed door is not frequently used. Bearing door hinges are more expensive, they do have longer durability.


The size (thickness, width and height) of your shed door will determine the number and size of door hinges needed. If you choose the wrong size or quantity of hinges, the door will fail over time, causing the door to catch or drag on the frame or the floor.

Shed Door Locks

Although shed security is important, it is not as focused as house external doors. Simple types of door locks with primary security can be applied here:

Padlocks & Hasps

The most basic type of shed closure is the hasp and staple along with a padlock. Padlocks used outdoors should be no less than 6 cm wide and made of hardened steel. A closed shackle type is the best to prevent thieves from prying a crowbar through the shackle to break it. Padlocks offering extreme security, outdoor applicability and weather resistance are all your choice.

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Rim Locks

A rim lock is a proper way to secure the shed, by screwing it onto the door ledge. It is easy to install, as it is surface mounted, and is less expensive compared to other security door locks. It still has the advantage over padlocks because nothing can remove it from the outside.

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If you need more advanced security on your shed door, a deadbolt is recommended. Deadbolts are a physical security standard for protecting exterior doors, preventing break-ins from simple door entry methods such as kicking open the door or using a credit card to slide in and raise the bolt.

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Shed Door Alarms

Burglars will break into your shed before they try to gain access into your house, in most cases. If you can notice the moment burglars try to break into your shed, call the police from a safe place before they break into your home. You can consider single room/standalone alarms for additional precautions and added security. As the shed is often located in your garden which is may be far from your home, you may never notice if a burglar is around your shed trying to get inside.

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