Fire Safe certification, what it all means


A good safe not only protects your valuables from theft but fire. SP Fire Proof and Sold Secure certification can help you determine how good your safe really is.

Q: What is a SP Fire Proof rating?

A: SP Fire Proof certification indicates the maximum insurable value of the safe’s contents under certain fire conditions. Certification is issue by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Q: How are the ratings determined?

A: Ratings, called P-Marks, are given based on NT FIRE 017 and SP Method 1716 SP testing. For instance, NT FIRE 017 – 60 Paper means the internal safe temperature will not rise above 150 degrees Celsius even if the external temperature is 927 degrees.

Essentially, the higher the P-mark rating, the more fire resistant the safe.

Q: What is Sold Secure certification?

A: Sold Secure certification indicates how resistant a safe is to attack. Certifications are issued by Sold Secure, an independent testing and certification body owned and administered by the UK’s Master Locksmith Association.

Q: What do the different ratings mean?

A: Sold Secure uses bronze, silver and gold rankings reflecting the type of tools being used and the time spent trying to break in.

To gain a silver rating the product must resist each means of attack for five minutes. This rises to 10 minutes for a gold rating.

Typical tools used in the testing are cordless hand drills, pry bars, slide hammers and cutters.