Installation & Connection

Do the monitor and camera need to be installed close together?

Yes - the monitor and camera are connected by a cable. The monitor must be connected to the camera for it to function. The monitor should sit on the inside of your door, and the camera should be on the exterior side.
Can LOOK be installed on a wall?

This is not an intended install of the Look Door Viewer. Additionally the cable connecting the camera to the monitor is not long enough to support the thickness of a standard wall.
Will LOOK fit where my current mechanical peephole or door viewer is?
In most cases, yes. Look requires a 14mm hole for installation. Newer doors will typically be this size.
Will LOOK connect to my home network?

LOOK requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network with a password. There may be issues connecting your Look to your home network if the network requires 40 MHz channels or only allows N rate connections, these are advanced settings that are not common.
Can Look be linked to my existing home doorbell?

At this time look cannot be integrated into your current traditional doorbell.