Product features

Can I view the video feed from my LOOK at any time?

You can view a live video feed from your LOOK up to 60 seconds after a doorbell press or motion event.
Where will I see notifications when someone rings the doorbell?

When someone presses the doorbell on your LOOK, you will hear a doorbell chime from the device. You will also get a notification on your smartphone through the LOOK app. You can disable notifications to your phone within the app if you desire.
Can more than one person talk to a visitor at once?
LOOK only supports one live two-way communication session at a time. If a second user attempts to answer a doorbell they will get a notification explaining that the LOOK is already in use.
Can the visitor at my door see me during two way communication?

No, you can see and hear your visitor via the app, but the visitor will only be able to hear you.
Can I store more images if I use a bigger micro SD card?

LOOK stores 5,000 images on the SD card, increasing the size of the card does not increase this limit. Please note the microSD card is required for operation and is provided with your LOOK.
Is LOOK built to withstand outdoor conditions?

The LOOK camera is designed to be fully exposed to rain and dust. The camera is designed to work in temperatures as low as -20 C or -30F. The monitor is designed for temperatures above freezing.
What type of battery does the LOOK use?

LOOK comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The battery can be recharged while installed in the device or when removed using the provided micro USB cable and a standard 1 amp USB charger from your smartphone or other smart devices.
How long will my battery typically last?

The battery life you’ll experience with Look really depends very heavily on the settings you choose within the app as well as the traffic at your front door. For example, choosing to turn motion detection off, you’ll save quite a bit of battery life. If you choose to have photos taken rather than video, again you’ll save battery. Recharging the Look is very easy – Just pop out the rechargeable battery pack and connect to a power source via the micro USB cable that’s provided in the packaging.
How long does it take to recharge the Look battery?

Depending on your charger, the battery will take a few hours to recharge. Using a charger with less than 1amp output, such as some ports on a computer will cause the charging time to be longer. The battery LED will be green when completely charged.