Bicycle Trend and Security


The global trends show that more people ride bicycles as a means of commutation or for health-training purpose.  According to the market research published by Lucintel1 in January 2014, the global bicycle industry is expected to reach $63 billion in 2018.  APAC contributes a major part of the industry due to her huge domestic consumption needs. This drives the demand of bicycles and gears such as helmets, bike lights and bike locks. 

Bike thefts become a headache.  You may be surprised that bike thefts are mostly happened in high traffic areas like outside stations and school campus. Majority of the people do use some kinds of lock to protect their bikes. Recommended materials are hardened steel or boron steel and the construction of the lock body is better to be reinforced around the key holes and the locking points.  U-lock is certainly more preferable than cable locks for high risk of thefts.  In Europe, quality bike locks are endorsed by reputable testing organizations such as ART of the Netherlands and Sold Secure of the United Kingdom. These organizations run abusive attack tests and environmental tests to verify the usage environment under outdoor and criminal attack.  You can find the markings from the product packagings.

One last reminder is about locking the bike probably.  Lock the bike onto a fixed object and always ensure the shackle passed through the frame and the wheel.