Anti-panic door locks


Q: What is anti-panic door lock?

A: For Anti-panic front door lock, it is same as normal entrance door lock-set - consists of a latchbolt and deadbolt and is operated by door knob / door handle and cylinder, but include a function of emergency egress. In closed position, you can always open the door from the inside by turning interior door knob / door handle. It retracts the latchbolt and deadbolt simultaneously while the exterior push button remains locked.

Q: Who needs anti-panic door lock?

When talking about front door, most people will pursue ultimate "security", from preventing any degree of physical attack by burglars and breaking in. Others, concern about "safety".It is important that, in an emergency, people can leave the building quickly and safely via an anti-panic front door. It provides convenience when emergency on top of security from preventing the breaking-in of burglars.